Oriental network in the film and television entertainment has been concerned about the original IP and manufacturing, in the film, TV show, animation, games and other four content plate to establish adequate reserves. Through the Zhonghua Huashang, Shuimu animation, HuaHua Media Co.,LTD,Beijing YuanChun Media Co.,LTD,not only has the national film digital distribution platform and related content resources, but also has the original IP copyright resources and production capacity, and promote the company to promote IP and film and television copyright in the whole industry chain price development. Oriental network through copyright purchase, investment in film production, cooperation at home and abroad, etc. accumulated rich head of IP content resources.
Oriental network and cable operators, telecom operators to carry out digital distribution of film and television content, smart TV and home entertainment terminal sales only, digital TV platform investment and other TV-based business. At the same time, the Oriental network through the shareholders of the sky and the Guangdong side, into the Internet TV, mobile TV and other new Internet video services. 2015, the East network to start overseas business layout, make full use of the rich domestic copyright resources and operational experience in Thailand to set up Thai media culture group, open overseas TV and new media content operations, and promote the spread of Chinese culture. At the end of 2016, Tai Silk's Silk Road television station on the Star Laos Asia-Pacific satellite, as in Southeast Asia to spread an important platform for Chinese culture.
To promote the "content + channel + terminal + operation" cultural media industry, the improvement and development of ecological chain, the East as the main sponsor of the network, set up a cultural media industry investment funds, and around the company's cultural media development strategy, in the industrial chain Downstream looking for investment opportunities. At present, the Fund has successfully invested in a number of new cultural media enterprises. The company will adhere to the development strategy of cultural media industry, combined with the domestic market space of the sunrise industry, and constantly enrich the cultural and cultural resources of the dissemination of channels, pioneering and innovative "Internet + culture media" a new model of development.
Oriental network of water wood animation has to build Jiangsu Changzhou container town, Guiyang Oriental Science and Technology Valley, Wenzhou Star Science and Magic Valley three theme park projects. With the growth of household consumption expenditure, the East Network launched a comprehensive pace of entry into the brigade business, the end of 2016, with the Air China Trust established the Brigade Industry Fund, and ACTIONPAEK signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the brigade business will become the Oriental network IP content An important line of business under the line layout.
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