OTMC and Chow Tai Fook reached a strategic cooperation and opened "Pan-entertainment New Fashion" together.
OTMC | 04/11/2017

April 11, OTMC and Chow Tai Fook formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will develop in IP content investment, IP materialization, brand marketing, the development of derivatives and other fields. The focus will be on the advantage linkage of IP industry ecological level.

As one of the rapidly growing entertainment media industry listed companies in China, OTMC is focusing on four major fields, such as film and television entertainment, media channels, cultural tourism and industrial investment, building a internet-based pan-entertainment industry ecological chain which cored of IP manufacturing, based on crossing domain and multi-platform media channel. To bulid a series of world's top IP and a lot of award-winning film and television entertainment works, OTMC will play a pan-entertainment ecological leadership from IP content production, distribution, the development of derivatives and other aspects.

Chow Tai Fook Group as a global Chinese jewelry brand, has always kept "Sincerity Forever" to provide high quality jewelry for customers. Chow Tai Fook as the largest jeweler in Hong Kong, and its annual sales ranks the first in the world. Setting up more than 2200 stores in nearly 500 cities in China, Chow Tai Fook has over one million members. Brand image is filtering into people's minds.

This strategic cooperation between OTMC and Chow Tai Fook not only both sides have connectivity and complementary advantages in the level of customer and channel, but also it is the beginning for both sides to start IP cross-border development. In the future cooperation, both sides will through continuous discovery and the enhancement of IP business value, forming a mode of the development of IP cross-border from online-to-offline and building a new IP development industry ecological chain.

Driven by the trend in recreational consumption and personalized consumption, consumers are more and more fond of ease, freedom, personality, a sense of participation in the brand and interactive activities. OTMC and Chow Tai Fook carry out  IP strategic cooperation, which will lead to create a new pop culture, at the same time, to develop IP that has more sense of participation and emotional expression, building a new multi-dimensional pan-entertainment fashion.

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