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  • According to the national "12th Five-Year Plan", culture industry will become one of the pillar industries in China, and will continue the current good momentum of development and policy environment. Throughout the world, culture industry has become an important part of GDP in developed countries. Although China's cultural media industry is at the beginning of large-sacle, with the world's largest young audience and the market, has quickly become one of the most market potential and investment value of industries in China.

    In 2013, from the leading industry of traditional measuring instrument and machine tools, the company initiated strategic transition and introdued "Culture Media" business, and successfully changed its name to "Oriental Times Media" to return to the capital market in 2015. In the past two years of business development, the company continued to explore the development path of new media, also to promote industry innovation and integration continuously in innovative cultural production and managing mode, overalled industrial resources cooperation, leading cultural investment and other fields. OTMC was based on media industry and had the development strategy which is "King Content, Unique Channel, Customer First and Data Support", sought communication and cooperation with domestic powerful media actively. Meanwhile, the company devoted to developing overseas media market. With "the Silk Road", OTMC built transnational media enterprises. By channelling operations, investments in film and television, animations, interactive games, data analysis and other diversified business combinations, the company opened up the front content, sharing with the middle and the end of smart terminal sales channels, having a synergistic effect on resources in the whole industry chain, and improving resources and consumer values. OTMC currently has developed rapidly, and will accelerately become the media enterprises with greater influence in China.

    Under the "Culture Giant" strategy guide by national construction, OTMC will take prosperity of national cultural industries as its own duty on the basis of integrating its own strengths and continue to play a leading role in the market, to develop a new operating mode of "Internet + Culture Media", to strengthen the driving force of private cultural enterprises and the influence of the market, and to promote Chinese cultural industry has entered the golden age.

    The sea with its broad, satisfied by its vast rivers; mountain with its thick, experienced the vicissitudes of vigorous. OTMC is like a vigorous mountain, a broad sea with integrity and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative quality, which is committed to building the peak of team culture, becoming the leading enterprise of cultural media industry in China.

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